List 2021

Ref#Sculpture DescriptionEdition
1Thoroughbred Horse- "Todman" life-size in bronze on granite. (shown) at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse, Sydney, Australia.Life-size in bronze Please enquire
2Thoroughbred Horse,"Todman"- Maquette in bronze. (shown)100h.20"/51cmPlease enquire
3Thoroughbred Horse - "Octagonal" life-size in bronze on granite. (shown) at Woodlands Stud, Denman, NSW, enquire
4Thoroughbred Horse - "Octagonal" Maquette in bronze on granite. (shown)100h.24"/61cmPlease enquire
5"Thoroughbred Horse" - maquette in bronze on granite and walnut. (shown)100h.20"/51cmPlease enquire
6"Campdrafter" in bronze on walnut. (shown)100h.10"/25cmPlease enquire
7"Merino Ewe and Lamb" one and a quarter times life-size in bronze. (shown) Queensland Merino Sheep Breeders Association, Stockmans' Hall of Fane and Outback Heritage Centre, Queensland, Australia.I + 1/4 life-sizePlease enquire
8"Merino Ewe and Lamb" maquette in bronze on walnut. (shown)100h.6"/16cmPlease enquire
9"Indu Brazil Brahmin Bull and Heiffer" maquette in bronze on marble. (shown)100h.12"/30cmPlease enquire
10"Braford Bull" in bronze on walnut. (shown)100h.10"/25cmPlease enquire
11"Jackie Howe" carrying a ram to the board, life-size in bronze. (shown) in Blackall, Queensland, enquire
12"Jackie Howe" carrying a ram to the board, maquette in bronze on sandstone. (shown).100h.10"/25cmPlease enquire
13"Santa Gertrudis Cow" in bronze. (shown)100h.6"/16cm each @$550.USD $422.13
100"KELPIE" maquette"KELPIE" maquette USD $860.00
1"KELPIE" one and a quarter life-size"KELPIE" working dog - one and a quarter life-sizePlease enquire
11"POLO"11Ten available in a limited edition of eleven. Bronze on granite & walnut 70cm x 52cm x 32cmPlease enquire
"BRIZZO & BELLA " Labrador DogsPlease enquire