GIANT SABLE ANTELOPE - Palanca Negra Gigante - Hippotragus niger variani

Author: Bodo Muche - reference WILDLIFE
Wednesday, Oct 12, 2011

GIANT SABLE ANTELOPE - Palanca Negra Gigante - Hippotragus niger variani
GIANT SABLE Palanka Negra Gigante Hippotragus niger variani
bronze and stainless steel   editions of eleven   2011
The Giant Sable Antelope, Hippotragus niger variani, also known in Portuguese as the Palanca Negra Gigante, is a large, rare subspecies of Sable Antelope native and endemic to the region between Cuango and Luando Rivers in Angola.
It is held in a great deal of respect by the country and people of Angola. This may be one of the reasons they survived the long civil war. In African mythology they symbolize vivacity, velocity, beauty and visual sharpness.
The Giant Sable Antelope is evaluated as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

The most magnificent antelope, the dream animal of naturalists and hunters, the national animal of Angola. A tough survivor of a civil war lasting twenty three years. It gave me so much pleasure researching and making this sculpture. I am very familiar with Sable Antelope, having studied and observed them in Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Botswana for seventeen years. My wife, Robyn And I visited the great country of Angola in 2005. We did not see ant Palanca Preta but the seed to make a sculpture of this great animal was planted. After several attempts I seem to have had the right vision. Well, this is it - I wanted it standing with its front feet higher, one foot slightly raised as ready to stomp the ground and saying " This is my land and I am going to stay!" The raised lines on the base represent the rivers of Angola and the fertility they spread from the high mountains to the Atlantic Ocean and the Okavango Swamp in Botswana.