"BALANCE OF POWER" African Cape Buffalo - Bubalus caffer

Author: Bodo Muche - reference WILDLIFE
Tuesday, Oct 04, 2011

I began modelling this sculpture in 1974, sitting underneath the large Acacia next to my house in Francistown, Botswana. Botswana Game Industries Pty Ltd. and I just got divorced. No more struggles and hassles which one encounters in being second in charge of a company. I saw myself as the young bull who had learned from the mistakes which were made in building this company over the last ten years. Now I had gained strength, was free again and had the time to model. I had seen two buffaloes having a fight next to a drying up waterhole in the now Tarangiri National Park, Tanzania, and I based this sculpture on this observation. I re modelled it three times - this is the last. Now the buffaloes are more powerful, the fight more intense, the negative space represents the drying up pan of water, the giver and sustainer of all life.

Width 65cm/26” - Height 25cm/10”- Depth 39cm/16”

Bronze - Limited edition of eleven
Stainless Steel - Limited edition of eleven

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