Bodo Muche


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Bodo Muche was born in Radeberg, Saxony, Germany in 1939. A boyhood spent exploring Germany’s forests with his entomologist father, began a life long fascination with nature. Influences from his family home in Dresden fused his passion for nature with the arts. Trained under the masters of the Museum of Natural History, Berlin, his studies included zoological science, anatomy, art history and design, as well as all phases of sculpture. Inspiration was initiated by the bronze wildlife and pastoral sculptures by the 17th Century French school of naturalistic sculptors, "Les Animaliers".

He departed Berlin in 1958, traveling through Europe to Switzerland, gaining his degree from Freiberg University, Black Forest, as well as further occupational experience. Thereafter, began many years of travels and scientific expeditions throughout Africa. Residence and studios in Tanzania and Botswana over seventeen years provided a wealth of experience in all elements of sculpture, whilst fulfilling a passion to explore the wilderness.

Bodo and Robyn Muche's home and studio is located at "Mt Glenhowden" in Queensland, Australia. Home and travels continue to provide inspiration for his development as a contemporary naturalistic artist.

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